Frameless refrigerated display with storage

Product range

Frameless 3 shelf

  • L  90 /120 /150 /180 cm
  • W 76 cm
  • H 140 cm
  • Frameless 2 shelf

  • L  90 /120 /150 /180 cm
  • W 76 cm
  • H 120 cm
  • Frameless with Storage

  • L  90 /120 /150 /180 cm
  • W 76 cm
  • H 120 cm
  • Frameless with sliding shelf

  • L  90 /120 /150 /180 cm
  • W 76 cm
  • H 100 cm

    ICE+ Frameless model has been designed to display your products with minimal amount of viewing disturbance. All glass structure are UV welded to give the optimum viewing angle leaving nothing but your products visible to your customers.

    ICE+ Frameless display has been designed to introduce a new concept of display fridges with multiple display options: 

    • Three (3) Shelf Display
    • Two (2) Shelf Display
    • One (1) Shelf movable Display
    • Base display with refrigerated storage
    • Base display only

    Close up

    Steel hanging system adjustable every 20 mm

    Heavy duty 2mm galvanized steel shelf holders with electrostatic paint

    Thin Aluminum sliding back doors with wheels to minimize friction with insulated double glass

    Frameless multi-use combinations

    Frameless Refrigerated Display

    Pastry Ventilated

    +2°C / +7°C (ideal for food and beverage)
    +7°C / +12°C (ideal for pastry products)
    Humidity higher than 75%

    ICE+ Frameless refrigerated display ideal to host all your pastry products with high humidity to elevate your product shelf life without crisping the outer shell.

    Chocolate Ventilated

    +12°C / +16°C (ideal for chocolate & Praline)
    Humidity controlled lower than 45%

    ICE+ Frameless refrigerated display ideal to host all your chocolates with low humidity to safe keep your chocolate product shelf life without any color change to the outer shell.

    Frameless Refrigerated Display

    Frameless with sliding shelf

    At ICE+, we understand the importance of your display and how viable it is to attract customers. With our sliding shelf, you can front face your products to be more visible to your customers whenever you feel the need. 

    Frameless with sliding shelf


    Enjoy the beauty of an extreme product visibility

    with no barriers

    Laser welded

    45 Degree chamfered glass

    Glass welded at 45 Degree angle to minimize the viewing thickness of the glass.

    Clear view

    No barriers

    No frames, no profiles, just pure glass

    Corian Top

    Selective Corian colors

    Enjoy the Corian characteristics as a base floor to display your products.

    Perfect integration

    Our model offers a wide range of styles and dimensions that offer the perfect alignment and integration across your bar counter.

    Our standard model sizes start with lengths from 90 to 180 cm with increments of 30 cm.

    Customization is made available through our design team to integrate within your display bar with any dimension needed.

    Control your display *

    Our Frameless with storage model can be offered with dual functionality. This feature gives you the option to choose between 2 different refrigeration scenarios depending on the products displayed:

    1. Refrigerated floor display with refrigerated storage

      for all your cold line products (Pastry, food, beverage, etc….)

    2. Neutral floor display with refrigerated storage

      for all your ambient products (Croissants, danish, etc…)

    In this scenario, you can display all your bakery products while still maintaining the use of a refrigerated undercounter hidden storage.

    * This is an optional feature and will be supplied upon request.

    Display Exposition

    Multi-level display

    Multiple level showcase gives a vast space for numerous product display.

    All shelves are adjustable with 20 mm increments and can either be supplied with same length shelves or increments of 5 cm length shelves.

    Flat display

    The Flat display focuses on product quality.  Available with hidden refrigerated storage for your product duplicates. 
    With display base fixed at 90 cm height, the storage can accommodate two (2) level storage with the same temperature reach along all compartments.

    Close up

    Heavy duty 2″ wheels for easy maneuvering

    Heavy duty adjustable legs to raise or reduce your unit to the perfect alignment needed (Optional)

    Hidden LED strip giving an extra lighting boost to the overall display exposure

    Corian Top

    Our model uses a wide range of materials, one of which is the Corian top. We have redesigned and engineered the Corian material to suit the refrigeration system functions with the presence of perforated holes and maintenance plates.

    Corian is known as solid and strong material that resists the majority of impacts, scratches and cuts. Its also Hygienic as it does not favour the growth of bacteria or funguses and guarantee seamless joints.

    Its non porous, safe for use, non-toxic, & can be easily repaired.

    Frameless corian Top

    Close up

    Extra thin sliding back pvc doors with wheels to minimize friction

    Bright LED lighting strips imbedded in each shelf profile to lighten up each shelf

    Perforated Corian top to give the perfect hygiene for your display base


    LAYOUT Frameless glass display showcase
    GLASS TYPE10 mm single tempered glass welded @ 45 degree angle
    SHELF TYPE - Three (3) Glass shelves
    - Two (2) Glass shelves 
    - Base floor + Storage
    - Sliding shelf
    HANGING SYSTEMSteel shelf holders adjustable every 20 mm.
    Thin Aluminum profiles with front product stopper.
    (Optional slanted shelf holder)
    LIGHTING Interior lighting per shelf 
    3000k @ 60 LED/M
    (Optional 4000k @ 60 LED/ M)
    DISPLAY BASEWhite Corian base with perforated holes
    (Optional Corian Colors)
    DOOR STRUCTUREThin Aluminum sliding back doors with wheels to minimize friction 
    BODY TYPE Electrostatic Galvanized metal sheets
    CHASE TYPE Steel chase on 2” Castors
    (Optional adjustable legs)
    BACKBack Stainless Steel backsplash 
    CONTROLDigital Electronic Thermostat 
    7°C to 12°C
    REFRIGERATION TYPELow noise with dynamic airflow
    DRAIN Self evaporating drain
    POWER RATING220 V, 1 PH, 50 HZ
    Ranges from 0.3kw to 0.6k

    optional Extended Warranty

    Additional 1 year
    extended warranty

    Cover your unit with our rock solid warranty that nurtures your unit from head to toe with our extended warranty plan


    Our professional team will carry preventive scheduled maintenance for your unit to eliminate any unnecessary interruptions

    2 years of unlimited warranty

    Your unit will be covered by 2 years warranty by ICEBERG's famous maintenance team dedicated to give you 100% of your unit performance

    very low cost

    The cost of this service is a percentage of your unit value which you won't even realize. This maintains your unit for a longer life cycle


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