Cheese tasting fridge showcase

Designed, engineered & manufactured by iceberg to a unique customer in the heart of October city. This state of the art refrigerator provides customers with a one of a kind cheese tasting experience like never before.

Frameless with Storage

Frameless Dual with storage

A display showcase refrigerator designed for dual use (pastry display & neutral display). Both offered with an underneath storage to maximize product space. Air from both systems do not mix to offer scentless airflow.


Salad Bar with Frameless Glass

Enjoy a salad bar with laser welded glass box that provides extreme visibility with no barriers. In addition, enjoy hidden storage that’s not visible to customers. Indirect product cooling provide longest product lifecycle without burning your ingredients.



Frameless with Storage

Chocolate Display

Humidity adjusted to reach perfect sustainable housing environment for uncovered chocolate. Extra back storage providing extra storage space.


Multideck open front

Custom designed with perforated wooden back panel to enable maximum temperature reach to all unit shelves. Especially designed for cheese display.

Multi Use Display

Stainless Steel multi use display

This 3 meter unit is split into 3 sections (Pastry display, Neutral display & open front beverage display). All sections are accessible through the back for easy product stacking. The unit is fully finished with stainless steel including shelf holders.


Flower Display

Gold stainless steel top finish with recessed stainless pots and frameless glass box perfectly suitable to maintain flowers in perfect housing conditions.

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